IQ4SITES: delivering high quality solutions to your internet presence.


  • IQ4Sites have a system for analysing and improving your company's internet presence.
  • We see a series of phases that mark the development and, for each, have identified the key requirements. 
  • Knowing the importance of high quality content and social media feeds, we look to optimise your online impact.
  • Our solutions are tailored to each phase, and aim to perfect your presence and maximise effectiveness.


We have much in-house experience of designing the functionality of websites across business fields.
We look to design-in accuracy, clarity, purposefulness, simplicity, and functionality.
We work alongside your web builder and technicians to achieve these objectives. 
  • IQ4SITES integrate with the business and web developer to form an effective and structured team
  • Identify key goals and ensure focus and delivery
  • Maintain continuous review and assesment processes



  • Ensure accuracy of execution, with a particlar emphasis on grammar, copy quality, seo based copy, links and detail
  • Ask the key question: does a website achieve its identified goals? Undertake pre-live customer feedback studies



There are a myriad of reasons for having us review your website. Not least the obvious spelling and grammar checks: we can also condense the wordage and make it more concise. Furthermore we can check the functionality and see that it all links to where it should.

  • Proofreading to check it says what you meant to say.
  • Copy writing condensing and making sentences and paragraphs sharper and clearer. SEO biased copy.
  • Evaluation: does it do what you want?
  • Outdates and Updates: is it coming soon or has it already happened? Ensure your links are current.



  • Social Media presence across different media. Which is most appropriate and is content relevant to your business?
  • Compatibility: does your site work on Tablets and Smartphones? It needs to!



A company can no longer make a website and then walk away. Nowadays even the simplest of sites needs managing. We will review your site on an ongoing basis, checking for broken links, out of date contacts, name changes and all those things which so often go unnoticed at home. 

  • Updates and Outdates: Is everything correct?
  • Time critical links: Is it 'coming soon" or has it already happened? Ensure your site is current.
  • Calendar
  • Copy updating



  • Check for site compatibility across all mediums from Desktops and Laptops to Tablets and  Smartphones, keeping you up to date and always open for business.



Social Media, what can we say? The ability to promote and cross market your product via Social Media is incredible. The success of the likes of Facebook and Twitter have astounded everybody. You have to be out there with your company to take advantage of this amazingly powerful phenomenon.
  • IQ4Sites works with you to make the most of your Social Media accounts. 
  • We can advise which are most appropriate for your Company and how best to use them.
  • Social Media Copy can be tricky: let our experience be your guide.



  • Relevant links: Are you giving your customers the best experience by helping them out with onward connections? Do your recommendations and links work? Do you have any?
  • Harmonisation of Websites and Social Media: ensure your look is uniform or complementary and that you are sending out the correct message.



We would love to help you improve and refine your web presence. Give us a call, or an email and we can meet for a coffee and a chat!



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