Two of our most recent projects showcase the range of services offered by IQ4SITES:

Vote Leave: one of the lead campaigns in the hard fought referendum debate on the UK’s ongoing membership of the EU.

Our brief was to create a concise social media presence for the South West Region. The purpose was to facilitate their campaign; the coordination of activists, promotion of events, delivery of campaign messages, and engagement with interested parties and opinion formers - MPs, the media, and voting public. See below for more information on our role for Vote Leave.


dpa2 An interesting 'boutique style' development, planning and agency consultancy based in central London. One of the founder partners asked us to proofread and evaluate their website in order to ensure they were presenting the correct image and getting the right message across. Everything about dpa2 is professional and precise and we were very excited to be involved with them. Have a look below for more information on dpa2.

Social Media Campaign – Vote Leave South West

This has been our first venture into social media content and management within a campaign – and quite some experience it has been!

The requirement was for a social media structure that connected the Campaign, activists, the voting public, and opinion formers.

The structure had multiple requirements. It would need to deliver news, views, opinions, and stories. At the same time it would need to serve a management function by publicizing events, providing a point of contact for new supporters, and coordinating activists.
the structure had to be clear and simple to use by multiple contributors and editors.

We were able to deliver all these requirements by making full use of the functionality of ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’.

The completed structure comprised of:

Facebook pages for the South West region as a whole, and individual pages for each of the 7 counties within the region – (Cornwall to Gloucestershire).
This enabled broad reach when needed, whilst delivering local information at a local or county level.
A ‘steering group’ page was opened that enabled private discussion between the editors and administrators of each page.
A ‘Twitter’ account was the third element of the structure. Useful primarily for rapid-fire response to news and events, Twitter has become a primary means of debate and counter-argument between those most engaged in the referendum and in countering and opposing arguments.

We gathered and engaged a number of administrators and editors for each page and account, whilst retaining overall control of the structure.




The partners at dpa2 had very strong ideas on design and style as you would expect and the website reflects this perfectly. We evaluated the site, checked for broken links, grammatical errors, outdated content and general flow. A simple vetting took less than a day and our report and recommendations were sent on to the webmaster for implementation. It is a great site and we are proud to share it with you here:


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